Adopt-A-Garden is a wonderful way to participate with the community!  You (and possibly another) would "adopt" one of the gardens in our neighborhood and tend to it as needed.  This would include spreading mulch in the Spring, perform any ongoing weeding that's needed, picking up any trash or debris, and basically keep it in good condition.

By adopting a garden, you're also assisting us in keeping our maintenance costs down.  Yes, we have a landscaping company that handles the "heavy lifting", however there's always something that needs to be done or tended to between their visits.

Most of the gardens are relatively small and completely manageable.  Depending on what's needed, tending to the garden could be a one hour task or several hours.  

For those of you who are Master Gardeners, hobby gardeners, or a gardener-wannabe, please reach out to us!  We need you and we'd love to speak with you!

We dig gardeners!

Please click the "Contact Us" button below and we'll get back to you about this growing opportunity.